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Fried Food & More Fried Food! But Your Health Comes First! (?)

The OC Fair has claimed that smoking and vaping are now banned to protect the health of the families and children visiting the OC Fair.  The OC Fair promotes fried food in their advertising, as their fair mascots, and makes about 25% off each fried food item sold at the OC Fair.  The OC Fair will not discuss the health effects of fried food or changing food vendors to allow less fried food and more healthier food to be sold.  

 If the OC Fair was actually concerned about the health of the families and children visiting the OC Fair, the number of fried food vendors would be limited.  The size of the portions of fried food, often enormous and could be a thousand calories or more, would be limited.   These actions are within the power of the OC Fair, but they choose not to take them.  The sincerity of the claims about protecting the public health by banning smoking while making millions of dollars from sales of oversized deep fried foods have to be questioned.

Fair Food 2

Doubling Up Drinks on Each Trip to the Bar

Selling two drinks each trip to the bar when there are over two dozen bars to choose from helps people drink too much.  And it's not very "family friendly" to have drunk people around your kids.   Parents who don't drink and don't want their children to drink are exposed to alcohol sales and advertising as part of going to the OC Fair.  There are even two bars across from Kiddie Land.  Is there such a thing as a "family friendly bar"?


Staring at Beer