1980 Settlement with the City of Costa Mesa Protects OC Fairgrounds Neighbors

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The OC Fair Board created a Master Plan in 1977 which was not compatible with the neighborhoods around the Fairgrounds. The settlement obligated the Fairgrounds to follow City standards for road construction and to pay for traffic signals to be installed. The Fairgrounds was required to dedicate land for creation of turning lanes to improve traffic flow and to create the entries at the intersection of Fair Drive and Vanguard and at Fairview Road and Merrimac. Sound limits consistent with the Costa Mesa municipal code were imposed. A planned commercial development was deleted with the a museum to be substituted if the Fairgrounds was able to do so.

A copy of the settlement  Download CM City_ 32 Ag Agrmnt Aug 1980

Why Are No New Agriculture Buildings Being Built in the Master Site Plan Proposals?

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If you find out, please tell us because the Fair Board and staff claim that agriculture is a primary focus, but agriculture is treated like an afterthought.

Claims are made that the “Ag-Expo Hall” is strictly for agriculture, but how realistic that a 50,000 to 150,000 sq ft exposition building will be used only for agricultural shows. When was the last time there was a farm show in Orange County?  An Ag-Expo building with 50,000 sq ft of rentable space would have more rentable space than the meeting space on the second level of the Anaheim Convention Center over Halls A and B which can accommodate over 4,000 guests. 

An Ag Expo building with 150,000 sq ft of rentable space would have more rentable space than in three out of five exhibit halls at the Anaheim Convention Center, and could accommodate up to 12,000 guests.

The Ag-Expo building is being built as rentable space and will be used as part of a convention center in much of the same ways that the exhibit halls at the Anaheim Convention Center are used.

The “Big Farm” in the “Bold” proposal requires a convention and expo center to be built to get this project done. This is unacceptable.

4 Legal Settlements Protect the Neighborhoods Around the OC Fairgrounds

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There are 4 legal settlements with the OC Fairgrounds which protect the neighborhoods around the Fairgrounds. Each settlement is the product of a Master Site Plan. The settlements are:

1980 Settlement with the City of Costa Mesa requiring storm water runoff management, traffic management, compliance with the municipal code for noise limits and specific types of development, and deletion of a planned commercial development, among other provisions.

Concerned Citizens Settlement to reign in the Pacific Amphitheatre which led to the closure of the Pacific Amphitheatre from 1995 to 2003 and imposed noise limits on the venue, among other provisions.

1996 Settlement with the City of Costa Mesa which imposes a cap of a 25,500 total persons on the property at any time outside of the annual OC Fair, requires the use of leased parking and shuttles to meet parking demands, limits development, and eliminated proposed hotel, restaurant and off track betting facility, among other provisions.

2012 Settlement with the Orange County Fairgrounds Preservation Society to continue the noise limits on the Pacific Amphitheatre, require the use of a trained sound monitor, require a complaint monitoring system for noise complaints, and limit seating in the Pacific Amphitheatre to 8,500 seats, among other provisions.

What Is Going to Happen to the OC Fair if the Master Site Plan Proposals are Built?

It is not clear if the OC Fair fits into the Master Site Plan proposals. Adding two and three story buildings with many football fields on space takes away space for the carnival, midway, food vendors, outdoor entertainment, and other stuff you enjoy at the OC Fair. Check out the overlays of the 2017 OC Fair and the Master Site Plan proposals.

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Download OC Fair overlays of the Master Site Plan Proposals as a PDF file  Download OC Fair Overlays

"Smart Farm"" Bill Includes Fairgrounds & Community Colleges - Opportunity for OC Fairgrounds & Orange Coast College

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A new Assembly bill, AB 2166 (Caballero) encourages community colleges and fairgrounds to collaborate on establishing "smart farms" on community college campuses and fairgrounds to provide regional agricultural businesses the opportunity to showcase up-to-date technology in real world practice. The OC Fairgrounds is across the street from Orange Coast Community College where there is an active horticulture program. Adding a new farm area at the OC Fairgrounds to showcase agricultural technology would be a benefit to the OC Fairgrounds, Orange Coast College, local agricultural businesses, and the community as a whole. Please ask your local Assemblymember, the OC Fair Board, and Orange Coast College to support this bill.

Download a copy of the bill as of Feb 13, 2018  Download Bill Text - AB-2166 California Farm Bill: agricultural technology

Track AB 2166 http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov

Orange Coast College Board Contact Info
David A. Grant, ​​​President​​ ​ dgrant14@cccd.edu

​Mary Hornbuckle, Vice President ​mhornbuckle@mail.cccd.edu

Dr. Lorraine Prinsky, Clerk of the Board lprinsky@cccd.edu

Jim Moreno, Trustee jmoreno@cccd.edu

Jerry Patterson, Trustee jpatterson@cccd.edu

Javier Venegas, Student Trustee strustee@mail.cccd.edu


Contact OC Fair Board via Summer Angus and ask Ms. Angus to foward the email to the Fair Board sangus@ocfair.com


Contact your State Assmblymember http://assembly.ca.gov/assemblymembers

Fair Board Meeting Agenda for Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9 AM

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Fair Board meeting agenda for Thursday, 9 AM *** February 22 meeting is posted.  Download 18_02_February_Board_Agenda

Items on the agenda include:
Master Site Plan discussion is only under Committee/Task Force Liaison Reports
Letter from Joseph Angelo of Angelo & White Law Firm
Unbudgeted Out-of-State Travel Request
Cannabis Policy Vote
Emergency Property Usage Agreements
Public Records Request Fulfillment Process

*** The Fair Board chooses to meet at this time. There is no state law requiring the meeting to be held during the daytime when people have work, school, and other obligations.