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Demolishing a Project Built in 2012 is Proposed in the Master Site Plan

In the three Master Site Plan proposals presented in September 2017, two proposals included removing the current Main Mall to create open space and erecting massive convention and expo buildings on the grassy area between the buildings and the parking lot.

Aspirational_CentralCampus_Sept 17 Board

Bold_CentralCampus_Sept 17 Board

The current Main Mall was constructed under project number C0732X.454 starting on February 1, 2012, at a cost of $3,402,000 with Saunders Construction as the primary contractor for the project. Main Mall features were designed to incorporate tributes to the Santa Ana Army Air Base and agriculture.  Board Directors Nick Berardino, Doug La Belle, Ashleigh Aitken, Stan Tkaczyk, and Gerardo Mouet were on the Board at the time this project was completed. It's not clear why demolition of the Main Mall built less than ten years ago is proposed, but it is clear that the demolition would be waste of public money.


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