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Do Fair Board Directors Receive Gifts from Companies the Fairgrounds Does Business With?

Carnival Question (2)

Yes, Directors receive gifts from companies the Fairgrounds does business with. The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) sets an annual limit on the amount of gifts an official can receive before having to recuse themselves from acting on items regarding the source of the gift. Gift limits are updated annually by the FPPC:

Year     Legally Allowed Gift Limit
2014 $440
2015 $460
2016 $460
2017 $470
2018 $470

Directors have received passes valued at or just below the annual gift limit published by the FPPC from Ray Cammack Shows (RCS), the carnival and midway company.

Directors also receive gifts of food and beverages from Spectra, the onsite caterer who sells the alcohol.


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