How Are Potential Environmental Impacts from a Project Identified and Evaluated?
How Will the Extra Traffic from the Fairgrounds be Managed?

How Can the Agency be Required to Protect the Environment Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)?

House Question (2)

CEQA requires more than merely preparing environmental documents. The EIR by itself does not control the way in which a project can be built or carried out. Rather, when an EIR shows that a project could cause substantial adverse changes in the environment, the governmental agency must respond to the information by one or more of the following methods:

(1) Changing a proposed project;

(2) Imposing conditions on the approval of the project;

(3) Adopting plans or ordinances to control a broader class of projects to avoid the adverse changes;

(4) Choosing an alternative way of meeting the same need;

(5) Disapproving the project;

(6) Finding that changes in, or alterations, the project are not feasible.

(7) Finding that the unavoidable, significant environmental damage is acceptable as provided in California Code of Regulation Section 15093.


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