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OC Fairgrounds Proposals Add Space to Compete with Anaheim

Master Site Plan proposals add a significant amount of new space to service convention and expo needs. 

FacilitiesList_Sept 17 Board

How does the added space compare to what is currently in Orange County?

Facility     Total Event Space (sq ft)
Anaheim Convention Center 961,229
OC Fairgrounds "Bold" Expanded Plan 368,280
OC Fairgrounds "Aspirational" Expanded Plan 343,280
OC Fairgrounds "Bold" 293,280
OC Fairgrounds "Aspirational" 268,280
OC Fairgrounds "Minimal" 228,280
OC Fairgrounds Current Configuration 178,280
Hilton Anaheim 161,500
Disneyland Hotel 136,000


While the Fair Board and Executive Management deny that they are working to move into the convention and expo business, it is obvious that the OC Fairgrounds plans to become a year round convention and expo center. There is no other reason to undertake this building campaign except to enter the year round convention and expo business. 


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