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While the Fair Board claims that agriculture is a primary focus of the OC Fairgrounds, actions don't support those claims.  New Master Site Plan proposals show a new 40,000 sq ft "Educational Meeting Center" with a 20.000 sq ft ballroom being built behind Centennial Farm. 

Aspirational_CentralCampus_Sept 17 Board

The "Educational Meeting Center" is a meeting and conference center with a fancy name.  The ballroom will be used for conventions, tradeshows, meetings, and other events.  This is not a school building and there are no plans to open a school of the arts which will use the classrooms and ballroom on a daily basis for arts education, rehearsals, and performances. 

Space for expanding Centennial Farm would be lost to the "Educational Meeting Center".  Expect the building to be two or more stories tall and to dominate the landscape with bulk and mass. A building of the size and location shown can cast shadows on Centennial Farm, which can harm the agriculture exhibits. 

While claims are made that agriculture is important, the Master Site Plan proposals show making money by becoming a convention and expo center is more important than agriculture, and that harming the agriculture mission is okay if there is money to be made. 



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