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October 2018

OC Fairgrounds Master Site Plan Postponed to Until Infrastructure Assessment is Completed

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The OC Fairgrounds (aka Orange County Fair and Event Center, OCFEC) Master Site Plan is now on hold. The Board will have a comprehensive facility wide analysis of infrastructure and related deficiencies completed prior to re-starting the Master Site Plan process.

Issues which have been identified as needing further assessment include:

  • Inspections by the State Fire Marshal uncovered problems with inadequate electrical systems which could lead to fires.
  • Electrical power delivered to the property needs to be upgraded to allow shows such as Cirque du Soleil to use the power grid instead of using diesel generators to power the show for several months.
  • The Board became aware of ongoing issues with stormwater pollution prevention management. Staff had made legally binding commitments and hired consultants to perform work without bringing the matter to the Board.
  • ADA access needs to be evaluated facility wide. Problems with ADA access have been present during Board meetings.
  • Parking lot lighting needs to be evaluated and updated. Multiple sets of temporary lights on diesel generators are used on an ongoing basis to provide parking lot and facility lighting.

Have you seen infrastructure, environmental or safety issues which need to be corrected? Please bring the issues forward to allow the issues to be added to the infrastructure assessment.  Please post a comment or email the Board to bring the issue forward for study and possible resolution.

Contact Information to Follow Up on Issues

Contact the Fair Board 

Chair Barbara Bagneris [email protected]
Vice Chair Robert Ruiz [email protected]
Newton Pham [email protected]
Sandra Cervantes [email protected]
Doug La Belle [email protected]
Gerardo Mouet [email protected]
Ashleigh Aitken [email protected]

Contact CEO Kathy Kramer [email protected]

Contact VP of Operations Ken Karns  [email protected]

Contact VP of Business Development Michele Richards [email protected]