Contact Information

How Can I Contact Fairgrounds Staff?

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Kathy Kramer, CEO



Ken Karns, VP of Operations 

Oversees safety, security, facilities, equestrian center, entertainment booking and ticketing, parking, and the Master Site Plan process, among other duties



Michele Richards, VP of Business Development 

Oversees event bookings and scheduling, sponsorships, community programs, and community exhibits during the OC Fair, among other duties.



Jason Jacobsen, Director of Technology and Production

Oversees compliance with noise limits in the neighborhoods and event production, among other duties.  The buck stops at Mr. Jacobsen's desk/phone/email for noise issues.


How Can I Contact Fair Board Directors?

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Directors use their personal email addresses and phone numbers to conduct Fairgrounds business. There are no email addresses for Fair Board members using the address used by staff. If you want to send an email to a Director, send it to Summer Angus, who takes messages for the Directors and ask that the email be forwarded to the Directors. Sending the email to Ms. Angus with a request to forward the email to the Directors creates a paper trail which can be tracked using public records requests.

Summer Angus